Mr P
Steve Sanders
"It's Not Impossible, Just Improbable!"

Mr Punch has been entertaining rich and poor for over 400 years now and is still as popular as ever.

Primarily it was adult entertainment with Mr Punch satirizing anything and everything, particularly the politicians of the day. Now he entertains mainly children, though grown-ups still enjoy him.

Mr Punch and his motley crew would be delighted to come to any event, even to a grown-up's party.

Professor Bungle comes along with Mr Punch and full supporting cast, just to give a hand. (He does a bit of magic first then sits down and has a cup of tea when the show is on.)

After the show you can meet Mr Punch, although sometimes the crocodile comes out, and he can be a bit of a handful.

Professor Bungle can also give interesting talks about Mr Punch and his history and backstage passes are available which would include a full tour of Mr Punch's theatre, it gets crowded in there with more than two by the way.