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Seven great effects in one booklet. All based around James Ward's Wordsmith Deck. How to make the deck and how to use it are all revealed in this booklet.

Voyage and Return

Three spectators put their chosen word into an envelope, the envelopes are mixed by a fourth spectator. The first three spectators are then asked to choose and envelope - they all choose the envelope containing their word.

Rags to Riches

Random words are picked from a dictionary, a spectator, or number of spectators, pick a word each. Each of these words are then discovered and revealed by the magician.


A volunteer freely cuts the deck and takes the word card, the magician by word associations reveals that word.

The Quest

Members of the audience take a number of words from the Wordsmith Deck. They choose one word each from their cards which are then shuffled thoroughly and returned to the magician who reveals the each of the words chosen.


The word chosen by a member of the audience is divined and revealed by an unsuspecting volunteer.

Overcoming The Monster

The magician reveals the word from a freely choosen position in the deck.

Comedy and Tragedy

Two cards are chosen by two spectators are separated and then found again by the spectators.




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