Mr P
Steve Sanders
"It's Not Impossible, Just Improbable!"

Welcome! If you are looking for something different for your party or event then you've come to the right place.

Although with a background in entertaining children, I can also amaze bigger people as well.

In the Professor Bungle children's magic show everybody is astounded, including myself, as the magic happens. Sometimes assisted by Haggis the monkey or Keith the Cockatoo (actually puppets but please don't tell them that) or a rubber chicken (actually a real rubber chicken) magic and mayhem happens everywhere.

I'm also adept at making sculptures out of thin air, although I need to wrap a balloon around it to keep it fresh.

If required I can risk life and limb and present a traditional Punch & Judy show. It's tough in there with those guys whizzing around your head, especially if you mention the wooden acting.

Also available for walkaround and table-hopping; no not leaping from table to table like a demented rabbit, but entertaining individuals with close-up, 'mini' magic shows.

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